mipylib.numeric.minum.logspace(start, stop, num=50, endpoint=True, base=10.0, dtype=None)

Return numbers spaced evenly on a log scale.

In linear space, the sequence starts at base ** start (base to the power of start) and ends with base ** stop.

  • start – (float) Base ** start is the starting value of the sequence.

  • stop – (float) Base ** stop is the final value of the sequence, unless endpoint is False. In that case, num + 1 values are spaced over the interval in log-space, of which all but the last (a sequence of length num) are returned.

  • num – (int, optional) Number of samples to generate. Default is 50. Must be non-negative.

  • base – (float, optional) The base of the log space. The step size between the elements in ln(samples) / ln(base) (or log_base(samples)) is uniform. Default is 10.0.

  • endpoint – (boolean, optional) If true, stop is the last sample. Otherwise, it is not included. Default is True.

  • dtype – (dtype) The type of output array. If dtype is not given, infer the data type from the other input arguments.


(MIArray) Array of evenly spaced values.


>>> logspace(2.0, 3.0, num=4)
array([100.0, 215.4434295785405, 464.1589682991224, 1000.0])
>>> logspace(2.0, 3.0, num=4, base=2.0)
array([4.0, 5.0396839219614975, 6.349604557649573, 8.0])