mipylib.plotlib.miplot.colorbar(layer, **kwargs)

Add a colorbar to a plot.

  • layer – (MapLayer) The layer in plot.

  • cmap – (string) Color map name. Default is None.

  • shrink – (float) Fraction by which to shrink the colorbar. Default is 1.0.

  • orientation – (string) Colorbar orientation: vertical or horizontal.

  • aspect – (int) Ratio of long to short dimensions.

  • fontname – (string) Font name. Default is Arial .

  • fontsize – (int) Font size. Default is 14 .

  • bold – (boolean) Is bold font or not. Default is False .

  • extendrect – (boolean) If True the minimum and maximum colorbar extensions will be rectangular (the default). If False the extensions will be triangular.

  • extendfrac – [None | ‘auto’ | length] If set to None, both the minimum and maximum triangular colorbar extensions with have a length of 5% of the interior colorbar length (the default). If set to ‘auto’, makes the triangular colorbar extensions the same lengths as the interior boxes . If a scalar, indicates the length of both the minimum and maximum triangle colorbar extensions as a fraction of the interior colorbar length.

  • ticks – [None | list of ticks] If None, ticks are determined automatically from the input.


f = addfile('D:/Temp/GrADS/model.ctl')
psv = f['PS']
ps = psv[0,[10,60],[60,140]]
mlayer = shaperead('D:/Temp/map/country1.shp')
geoshow(mlayer, edgecolor=(0,0,255))
#layer = contourm(ps, 20)
layer = contourfm(ps, 20)
yticks(arange(20, 61, 20))
colorbar(layer, orientation='horizontal', extendrect=False, shrink=0.8, aspect=12)