MeteoInfoLab GUI

When you start MeteoInfoLab, the desktop appears in its default layout.


The desktop includes these panels:

  • Current Folder (File explorer) -> Acess your files.

  • Console -> Enter commands at the command line, indicated by the prompt (>>>).

  • Editor -> Script program editor.

  • Variable explorer -> Explore created variables.

  • Figures -> Display created figures

As you work in MeteoInfoLab, you issue commands that create variables and call funcitons. For example, create two variables named a and b by typing this statement at the command line:

>>> a = 1
>>> b = 2

Then create c variable by adding a and b. The variable value can be printed by typing variable name:

>>> c = a + b
>>> c

And try other functions:

>>> d = cos(a)
>>> d
>>> e = a * b
>>> e

You can recall previous commands by pressing the up- and down-arrow key.

You can create and show a figure in figures panel by using plot related commands:

>>> a = [1,2,3,4]
>>> plot(a)

Also you can write a script program in editor panel and run it by clicking Run Script button in toolbar.