MeteoInfo 1.5 was released (2018-7-9)ΒΆ

  • Update BIL data reading function.

  • Update console display functions.

  • Update netCDf files join function.

  • Add linint2 function to interpolate from a rectilinear grid to another rectilinear grid using bilinear interpolation.

  • Add rh2dewpoint function to convert relative humidity to dew point.

  • Support AMap as web map.

  • Support MICAPS 131 data format.

  • Update geotiff read function.

  • Add gridshow and stem plot function.

  • Add functions to plot multi color lines.

  • Read HYSPLIT trajectory data as 2D array.

3D stem plot:

z = linspace(0, 1, 100)
x = z * np.sin(20 * z)
y = z * np.cos(20 * z)
c = x + y

ax = axes3d()
points, stemlines = ax.stem(x, y, z, c=c, edge=False, samestemcolor=True)
title('Point 3D plot example')