mipylib.plotlib.miplot.quiver(*args, **kwargs)

Plot a 2-D field of arrows.

  • x – (array_like) Optional. X coordinate array.

  • y – (array_like) Optional. Y coordinate array.

  • u – (array_like) U component of the arrow vectors (wind field) or wind direction.

  • v – (array_like) V component of the arrow vectors (wind field) or wind speed.

  • z – (array_like) Optional, 2-D z value array.

  • cmap – (string) Color map string.

  • fill_value – (float) Fill_value. Default is -9999.0.

  • isuv – (boolean) Is U/V or direction/speed data array pairs. Default is True.

  • size – (float) Base size of the arrows.

  • order – (int) Z-order of created layer for display.


(VectoryLayer) Created quiver VectoryLayer.


f = addfile('D:/Temp/GrADS/model.ctl')
u = f['U'][0,'500','10:60','60:140']
v = f['V'][0,'500','10:60','60:140']
speed = sqrt(u*u+v*v)
layer = quiver(u, v, speed, 10, size=8)
title('Wind field')