AIRS Swath dataΒΆ

This example code illustrates how to access and visualize a GESDISC AIRS swath data. pcolor() command is used to plot 2 dimension longitude and latitude swath data. Also scatter() command can be used to plot swath data as scatter points.

#Add data file
folder = 'D:/Temp/hdf/'
fns = 'AIRS.2002.12.31.001.L2.CC_H.v4.0.21.0.G06100185050.hdf'
fn = folder + fns
f = addfile(fn)
lon_v = f['Longitude']
lat_v = f['Latitude']
lon = lon_v[:,:]
lat = lat_v[:,:]
vname = 'radiances'
rad_v = f[vname]
rad = rad_v[:,:,567]
plot,proj = axesm(proj='stere', lat_0=-90, gridline=True, griddx=30, griddy=30)
mlayer = shaperead('D:/Temp/map/country1.shp')
levs = arange(40, 90, 1)
#layer = scatter(lon, lat, rad, levs, edge=False)
layer = pcolor(lon, lat, rad, levs)
colorbar(layer, orientation='horizontal')
title('{0}\n {1}'.format(fns, vname))