Add web map layerΒΆ

Web map layer can be added in a map axes using webmap function. Currently supported web map providers:

  • OpenStreetMap

  • OpenStreetMapQuestSattelite

  • BingMap

  • BingSatelliteMap

  • BingHybridMap

  • GoogleMap

  • GoogleSatelliteMap

  • GoogleTerrainMap

  • GoogleHybridMap

  • GoogleHybridTerrainMap

  • OviMap

  • OviSatelliteMap

  • OviTerrainMap

  • OviHybridMap

  • YahooMap

  • YahooSatelliteMap

  • YahooHybridMap

The tile images are Mercator projection, so the map axes should be created as Mercator projection.

#Add a map axes with mercator projection
axesm(position=[0,0,1,1], proj='merc', griddx=5, griddy=5)
#Add a web map layer
wlayer = webmap(provider='BingHybridMap')
#Add a shape layer
lchina = shaperead('D:/Temp/Map/bou2_4p.shp')
geoshow(lchina, edgecolor='b')
#Set lon/lat extent
axism([110, 130, 35, 45])
title('Web map example')