HYSPLIT output concentration plotΒΆ

Get a HYSPLIT output concentration data file object using addfile_hyconc function, and then read 2D array for filled contour plot. Following is an example of cesium-137 simulation during 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

fn = r'D:\Working\MIScript\JapanNuclear\cdump15'
f = addfile_hyconc(fn)
tidx = 5
data = f['C137'][tidx,0,:,:]

geoshow('cn_province', edgecolor='b')
geoshow('country', edgecolor='b')
levs = [1e-14,1e-13,1e-12,1e-11]
cols = ['w',(0,255,255),'g','y','r']
layer = contourf(data, levs, colors=cols, smooth=False)
scatter(141.0, 37.5, size=10, marker='S', color='r')
text(142.5, 39, 'Fukushima', bold=True)
xlim(110, 200)
ylim(15, 70)
yticks(arange(20, 61, 20))
colorbar(layer, label='C137', labelloc='top', shrink=0.8)
t = f.gettime(tidx)
title('Simulation of cesium-137 emitted from Fukushima (%s)' % t.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))

Extract temporal data at a specific location.

lat = 38.0
lon = 145.0

fn = r'D:\Working\MIScript\JapanNuclear\cdump15'
f = addfile_hyconc(fn)
data = f['C137'][:,0,str(lat),str(lon)]

plot(data, '-bo')
title('C137 at (Lat: %.2f, Lon: %.2f)' % (lat, lon))