MeteoInfo 1.4.7 was released (2017-11-2)ΒΆ

  • Difference and Symmetrical Difference functions were added in GeoProcessing menu of MeteoInfoMap.
  • Update wContour library to version 1.6.1.
  • Add eof and varimax functions in meteo module for EOF and REOF analysis.
  • Add inv method in MIArray and DimArray class to calculate inverse matrix array.
  • Add lonflip and lonpivot methods in DimArray class to reorder the array with global longitude dimension.
  • Add month_to_season method in DimArray class to compute a user-specified three-month seasonal mean from monthly mean array.
  • Add select method in MILayer class to select shapes using a specified expression.
  • Add argmin and argmax methods in minum module to get the indices of the minimum/maximum values along an axis.
  • Add text and fill_between plot method in Axes3D class.
  • Add step plot function in miplot module to make a step plot.
  • Some bug fix and existing functions update.

Symmetrical difference analysis

../_images/mi_1.4.7_symdif_1.png ../_images/mi_1.4.7_symdif_2.png ../_images/mi_1.4.7_symdif_3.png