MeteoInfo 2.3 was released (2020-8-24)

  • Using SVG icons in GUI.

  • Update netCDF java library to 5.3.3.

  • Update FlatLaf to 0.40.

  • Update jts to version 1.17.0.

  • Update proj4j to version 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT

  • Add dpi support for output image of JOGL 3D.

  • Add zoom and move events to 3d jogl plot.

  • Add PolygonZ shape type support.

  • Add ddof argument in std and var functions.

  • Add ceil and floor functions.

  • Add 3d griddata idw and nearest methods support.

  • Re-arrange meteolib’s packages and modules.

New GUI of MeteoInfoLab


New GUI of MeteoInfoMap