MeteoInfo 3.1.0 was released (2021-7-25)ΒΆ

  • Add 3d volume plot function - volumeplot

  • Update FlatLaf to version 1.4

  • Add fixed_point function in optimize sub-package

  • Add extract, mod, fmod, floor_divide, divmod, searchsorted functions

  • Update geotiff reading function to support bigtiff format

  • Support netcdf4 data writing of ncwrite function - c version netcdf4 lib should be installed

  • Using juniversalchardet library to detect file encoding

  • Add Rectangle linear and nearest interpolation functions

  • Some bug fixed

3D volume plot:

fn = 'D:/Temp/image/sagittal.png'
data1 = imagelib.imread(fn)
data1 = data1[:,:,0]
data1 = data1.reshape(88,300,600)
data = zeros([176,300,300], dtype='int')
data[:88] = data1[::-1,:,:300]
data[88:] = data1[::-1,:,300:]
data = data.swapaxes(0, 1)

ax = axes3d()
volumeplot(data, cmap='NCV_bright')