MeteoInfo 3.2.0 was released (2021-10-15)ΒΆ

  • Update pro4j to 1.1.3

  • Update FlatLaf to version 1.6

  • Remove jchardet library

  • Add contourslice and contourfslice functions in 3D axes

  • Enable lighting to support double sides normal in 3D axes

  • Support 3D pipe line plot

  • Add vertex normal calculation functions

  • Support equal aspect in 3D axes

  • Add sphere and cylinder functions

  • Add MICAPS MDFS type 3 data support

  • Support unicode path of MeteoInfo

  • Add erf and erfc functions

  • Add arctan and arctan2 functions for numpy compatible

  • Add peaks function

  • Add patches package in plotlib

  • Add lines module and Line2D class

  • Add supxlabel and supylabel functions

  • Add copy and move functions in MILayer class

  • Support CAMx output nc data file

  • Some bug fixed

sphere plot:

x, y, z = sphere()
surf(x, y, z)

cylinder plot:

t = arange(0, 2*pi+0.001, pi/10)
r = 2 + cos(t)
x, y, z = cylinder(r)
surf(x, y, z)

peaks plot:

x, y, z = peaks(25)
mesh(x, y, z, cmap='GMT_drywet_r')