MeteoInfo 3.4 was released (2022-8-12)ΒΆ

  • Add unsigned short and int arithmetic functions in ArrayMath class

  • Support drawing extra z axis in 3D axes

  • Add axes_zoom argument in axes3d function

  • Add status toolbar with run and memory progress bars in MeteoInfoLab GUI

  • Add popup menu to file dockable

  • Add labelshift argument in colorbar function

  • Add skew and kurtosis functions in stats module

  • Add fimplicit3 plot function

  • Add __and__, __or__, __xor__ operations in Series class

  • Add replace function in DataFrame and Series classes

  • Improve drop function in DataFrame to support rows drop

  • Add fill plot function

  • Add multivariate_normal function

  • Add ColorTransferFunction class

  • Support vertical boxplot

  • Support MICAPS MDFS type 12 data file

  • Add MeshRender and SurfaceRender classes for vbo rendering

  • Update netcdf-java to version 5.5.3

  • Update FlatLaf to version 2.4

  • Update joml to version 1.10.4

  • Update rsyntaxtextarea to version 3.2.0

  • Update ojAlgo to version 51.3.0

  • Update l2fprod to version 6.9.1

  • Update jts to version 1.19.0

  • Update jython to version 2.7.3b1

  • Update Apache commons math to version 4.0-SNAPSHOT from 3.6.1

  • Some bug fixed

Plot 3-D implicit function:

def f(x, y, z):
    return sin(x) * cos(y) + sin(y) * cos(z) + sin(z) * cos(x)

axes3d(aspect='equal', axes_zoom=True)
fimplicit3(f, [-2*pi,2*pi], facecolor='y', edgecolor='k')

Read and plot MICAPS MDFS type 12 data file:

fn = 'D:/Temp/micaps/mdfs/20220509153000.000'
f = addfile_micaps(fn)
df = f.read_dataframe()
lon = df['Longitude'].values
lat = df['Latitude'].values
t = df['DewPoint'].values

geoshow('cn_province', edgecolor='gray')
levs = arange(-20, 21, 2)
scatter(lon, lat, t, levs, size=4, edgecolor=None, zorder=0)
title('Dew point scatter plot')