imshow 3D

Axes3DGL.imshow(*args, **kwargs):

Display an image on the 3D axes.

  • x – (array_like) Optional. X coordinate array.

  • y – (array_like) Optional. Y coordinate array.

  • z – (array_like) 2-D or 3-D (RGB) z value array.

  • levs – (array_like) Optional. A list of floating point numbers indicating the level curves to draw, in increasing order.

  • cmap – (string) Color map string.

  • colors – (list) If None (default), the colormap specified by cmap will be used. If a string, like ‘r’ or ‘red’, all levels will be plotted in this color. If a tuple of matplotlib color args (string, float, rgb, etc), different levels will be plotted in different colors in the order specified.


(RasterLayer) RasterLayer created from array data.

Example of 3D imshow

fn = 'D:/Temp/nc/'
f = addfile(fn)
ps_x = f['aveair'][0,:,:,'120']
pres = ps_x.dimvalue(0)
z = meteolib.pressure_to_height_std(pres)
ps_x.setdimvalue(0, z)
ps_y = f['aveair'][0,:,'20','0:180']
ps_y.setdimvalue(0, z)
ps_z = f['aveair'][0,5,:,'0:180']

ax = axes3d()
geoshow('continent', color='c', edgecolor='b')
levs = arange(200, 300, 10)
ls = imshow(ps_x, levs, offset=120, zdir='x', alpha=0.8)
imshow(ps_y, levs, offset=20, zdir='y', alpha=0.8)
imshow(ps_z, levs, offset=z[5], zdir='z', alpha=0.8)
zlim(0, z[-1])
xlim(0, 180)
title('3D imshow example')