Axes3DGL.text(x, y, z, s, zdir=None, **kwargs):

Add text to the plot. kwargs will be passed on to text, except for the zdir keyword, which sets the direction to be used as the z direction.

  • x – (float) X coordinate.

  • y – (float) Y coordinate.

  • z – (float) Z coordinate.

  • s – (string) Text string.

  • zdir – Z direction.


3D text graphics

Example of text3 function

ax = axes3d()
geoshow('continent', color='c', edgecolor='b')
text3(0, 0, 0, 'Text in 3D', fontsize=30, zdir='x', ha='center')
text3(0, 20, 0.5, 'Text in 3D', color='r', fontsize=20)
zlim(0, 1)